Saturday, October 23, 2010

Friday pictures

Here are some pictures from today. the first ones are some of the 15 kids from the one orphanage house. I really felt tall today. I was able to touch the top of the doorway.
This guys was so happy to have his teeth fixed.
Dr. Fred working on a patient.

Although we had 36 people come through today and more then half were kids, here is only one story from today. This is Stephanie she is 4 years old . She is smaller than most her age. When I first saw her I thought she was only around 1 years old. Her mother was only 15 when she was born. And then last year her mother after having another child decided that she couldn’t handle any of the kids any more gave them both up for adoption. Stephanie is behind in her speech development and also her physical development.

She went in to see the dentist today. When she came out she had a smile on her face. (Fred and Dave were just great guys!!! J) But I’m not sure she knows what’s going on in her mouth. She had less then the 20 baby teeth she should and every single one of her teeth were full of decay. Every ONE.

When Lyn came over she held up her arms for Lyn to pick her up.

My heart just ached for her. I had to go outside to breath in the air because I was so upset.

She was only one of 15 stories from this one house in the orphanage; she was only one of the many, many stories from all the orphanages in Romania: She was only one of the many, many stories from the gypsy’s that we met this week; She was only one of the many, many lost people of Romania; She was only one of the many, many lost people in the world, that Christ died for

Friday in Romania

I'm having some problems with my blogger account so I don't have much time now to download pictures. I'll try again tonight (Saturday) when we get back from the orphanage where we are going today. We will have about 50 people to see with pulling teeth and filling cavities.
Yesterday (Friday) we went to a half-way house for girls that were taken off the streets here in Oradea. They are in a house run by a non-profit that is registered with the government here. They receive no money from the government either.
i'll post a lot of pictures tonight (hopefully).

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Starting from the first picture:
one of the gypsy families home in Nusfalu. it has one room, and everything is in that one room except for the outhouse.
the next three pictures are giving out the shoes. They measured each kids feet by taking a stick and then cutting it off. You can see the name of one of the children on a stick. They would call the child's name and then they would come up and take the shoes.
one of the many. many teeth that were pulled for the last three days. The doc's were great. It was so incredible to see these people come in get Novocaine, and then several minutes later they are walking away with 1,2,3,4,5,6
teeth less. Today someone had 5 teeth pulled at the same time.
The next two are of the houses that Andy and Remember the Children are putting up for gypsy families in the little town of Gheda. The second one shows one of the houses that they are living in now. The new houses will have two families each.
This women is 47 and in the middle of having a tooth pulled she got a cell phone call. Yes this is a gypsy's living in a house like in the picture before, but never the less, there is a cell phone in her hand.
This one shows us giving out some flour, oil, yeast and blankets to each of the families living there. There are 13 Gypsy families in this town.
This is Andy and one of his little friends Ramos.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday in Romania

Here is a Romanian woman getting her teeth worked on.

We started off today going to a Holocaust museum in the town here.
Here is a picture of an Hungarian man who was a soldier in WWII. he was told to shoot some Jews in his village. it was at that point that he deserted the army, because his family was hiding some Jews at the time. He later lead them to safety.

here is a picture of a gypsy child.

this is a picture of a man who's family the Hungarian man saved.

this like Triage. where we are taking blood pressure, and with children we fluoride their teeth.

I'm not sure these pictures will be in the right order as i'm having terrible problems with getting pictures and descriptions in the right order.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Romania trip

Since it's working so well tonight (10:35) i'll try and update you as to what has been happening.

This is the group of worship leaders that Roger and I taught on Friday night and Saturday afternoon-night

Here is Julie, Annie, Fred and Danielle. Annie is a Romanian who came to the Lord in her teens and went on to become a Doctor. She will be helping out most of the week

Danielle is putting fluoride on this girls teeth.
The last picture is of a gypsy family. the husband and wife both had work done. Just as an aside, several people had as many as 3 teeth pulled in one sitting. just Novocaine -

Monday in Romania

I’ll try and put a picture up tonight. It’s of a woman who is only 57 years old. You would not believe it by looking at her though; she looks like she’s around 65 or so. She came up for some teeth work, but when they took her blood pressure it was 260 over 140. no one could believe it! All the nurses were saying that she should be dead by now. We sent her home without doing anything. Tonight at our team time we prayed that God would do a miracle in her so that we could work on her teeth tomorrow.

when i have more time i'll catch up everyone on what happened the first several days.

Today is the first time the internet is working well enough to send this.